Anna Maria's Quilt Club

Join Anna Maria's Quilt Club featuring Brave Quilt
A celebration of patchwork and sewing spontaneity. Be Brave.
June 2023 - October 2023


Designed by Anna Maria
Featuring Brave and Love Always, AM 2 by Anna Maria
Finished Size: 85” (2.16m) Square
Techniques: Fussy Cutting, Applique, Piecing
Skill Level: Intermediate


How It Works:  

  • Purchase the Brave Quilt fabrics from a participating retailer.  
  • You can ask questions and learn tips and techniques to absorb Anna’s inspiring creativity.
  • Live sessions will be truly engaging content with one of the most recognized designers, artists and fellow quilters.
  • Added value exclusive “Quilter’s Lace” project(s). gives you a reason to continue to sew with Brave by Anna Maria.  
  • Spend an hour each month with Anna Maria as she does club check-in from her Instagram account. @annamariahorner 

To Participate:  

Check back in early December 2022 for the list of participating retail shops. Retailers please make sure you are signed in at to access retailer specific information here.

Retailers download marketing assets here.