My new and third collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics, is selected from my series of purely intuitive freehand drawings. BioGeo resembles biological shapes rendered in geometric patterns. These organic forms have the bouncy vitality of cartoons and give me great happiness to draw. Detailed and intricate, they radiate a kind of playful, sensuous joy.

I see drawing and sewing as close kin. Drawing is the act of pulling a pen or pencil across a surface of paper or canvas or wood, kindred to sewing which is the act of drawing or pulling thread with a needle through fabric. The repetition I use to form my drawings is also akin to sewing: each line and each stitch acts as a mantra in a meditation on creativity. Drawing and sewing-pen, ink and paper like needle, thread and fabric- use materials that stimulate creative energy. BioGeo-3 offers an array of unique, exciting fabrics from white-on-white to blazing and vibrating colors from which I hope you will draw as much creative energy as I did and still do!

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Shipping September 2023

by Adrienne Leban