In quilting, the interplay between neutral and bold colors is a delicate balance that requires skill and creativity, resulting in stunning works of art that captivate the senses. We are thrilled to release Complements — 20 gorgeous neutrals that will complement the beautiful colors of every quilt. COMPLEMENTS In a patchwork quilt where colors collide, Bold and bright, they dance with pride. But in the midst of this vibrant quilt, COMPLEMENTS bring balance just right. In the tapestry of dreams we sew, Colorful ambitions in every row. But amidst the colors, calm and cool, COMPLEMENTS play the golden rule. Like shadows beneath the noonday sun, Neutral colors, they softly hum. They lift the bold, they soothe the bright, In the quilt of life, they bring delight. COMPLEMENTS, like whispers in the wind, Softly weave through colors bold and pinned. In the quilt of life, they play their part, With COMPLEMENTS for the bold and a gentle heart.

Ships in May 2025

by Sew Kind of Wonderful

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