*Enchanted Skies

I live in the Land of Enchantment. I will let you guess the name of my state! The food here is enchanted and the skies above me are enchanted too. When I look up, I see a big blue eye hovering in the sky. The sun is a burning white face in the deepest blue sky you have ever seen in your life! Sometimes I paint the shapes of white puffy clouds in my famous paintings. I have seen dragons and lizards and even angels drifting ever so slowly across clear blue skies. Sometimes the clouds in the sky turn gray and black, heavy with rain here in the deserts of my home. The enchanted skies bring us rain during the summer monsoons and sunflowers grow following the sun's path, smiling at the sun in the enchanted skies.

When I went blind at fifteen, my mother took it upon herself to describe the colors in the sky especially during sunrise and sunset. I have been painting those enchanting colors of the wind ever since I moved to New Mexico! My grandmother once asked me in her last breath, "Do you see the quilt in the sky?" I have been looking for that magical quilt in the sky forever. Maybe a quilter from New Mexico or New Zealand can make one for me!

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Shipping August 2023

by George Mendoza