Rust & Bloom

My second collection for FreeSpirit, Rust & Bloom, is inspired by the beauty of nature. Rust & Bloom features patterns that can be found in nature along with a nod to the evolution of living things. My inspiration can be drawn from the smallest details of nature such as a beehive pattern, a rolling tide, to the natural patterns of ice on a window pane. Color also plays a large roll in my inspiration. The colors I chose for Rust & Bloom show the beauty of a full day in nature, from the ochre skies of a morning sunrise to the deep blues of a winter night. You can see colors being pulled from all seasons of the year in Rust & Bloom.

The twelve designs in this collection are made from my original monotypes. Monotypes are a one-of-a-kind printmaking practice that I use to create my artwork. Monotypes are created by painting directly onto a plate and running the plate through a printing press. Monotypes cannot be reproduced and are therefore different from other printmaking processes like intaglio that are etched into a plate. In my monotypes, I utilize the unique and unexpected textures of both natural and man-made objects such as vegetable wrappers, bubble wrap, leaves or dried flowers. I enjoy this printmaking process because it involves a sense of spontaneity, and it always includes an element of surprise. This collection is meant to be like taking a long walk through nature. I hope you enjoy!

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Shipping September 2023

by Sarah Sczepanski Artxtiles