*Sisters Mountain Meadow

I was honored to be asked to create the poster image for the 50th anniversary of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the collection “Sisters Mountain Meadow”. The view is from the East, the direction of the sunrise, in homage to the beginning of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Here, in the Central Oregon High Desert, the rabbitbrush and sagebrush thrive on wide open rangelands in the low eastern elevations. The wildflowers featured are spring and early summer blooming lupine, yarrow, balsam, and paintbrush. Moving westward the elevation rises and the big ponderosa pines emerge to form a cathedral in the forests that surround Sisters. The five trees represent the five decades of the Quilt Show. The community of Sisters, on the right, is surrounded by the tree-covered rounded foothills of the Deschutes National Forest. This land was formed over millennia by the towering volcanos and the rounded cinder cones which ground us in those who came before. A bright, sunny sky tops the ancient volcanos — The Three Sisters: Faith, Hope and Charity. These snowy peaks frame the image to the West as the viewer follows the sun’s path and look toward the future.

Ships in March 2025

by Kathy Deggendorfer

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