*Vintage Cloth Cotton Lawn

Trains, castles, planes, bicycles, boats, taxis, walking, eating, experiencing, and embracing our adventures through Europe helped us create Vintage Cloth. Embarking on our enchanting journeys to Europe was like stepping into a living canvas where every corner held a piece of history, and every moment resonated with the beauty of old art, intricate tiles, and captivating architecture. From the grandeur of medieval castles to the charm of cobblestone streets, our hearts were woven into the tapestry of an older place rich with culture and heritage. Vintage Cloth is all about discovering a lost part of ourselves and the adventures we had traveling through Europe. The picturesque countryside, dotted with castles and quaint villages. The charming canals of Amsterdam, lined with historic houses and bridges, added a touch of idyllic nostalgia to our escapades. The miles of countryside we traveled through were endless and dreamy. Each city we visited seemed to be a chapter in a love story with Europe’s timelessness. Our creative hearts were inspired by the art, tiles, architecture, textures, and landscapes. We were left with the impression that ‘more is better.’ Our new/old fabrics and new/old designs reflect this approach of ‘more is better’.

Ships in May 2025

by Sew Kind of Wonderful

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