Dance of Dreams

danced on the dance floor like a super athlete. As a world-class runner, I danced around the track for miles, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. Running was a powerful, graceful form of dancing. I am a dancer, and I am a dreamer! I have danced and dreamed my whole life away, which has been more fun than anyone should have, but I have done it well, my friends! When I went blind at fifteen, I danced through the adversity and darkness until I found the light. I walked, jogged, ran, and danced toward that bright light. When you create, you dance around thoughts, images, and dreams. My grandmother once told me she saw a quilt in the sky. I believe now she was dancing on the puffy white clouds in heaven! Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Don’t let people discourage you; just dance the bad vibes off! Dance rhymes with romance. Love is why we are here! Go quilters!

Ships in July 2024

by George Mendoza

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