Island Vacation

Island Vacation was inspired by the magical atmosphere on the tropical volcanic island in Espiritu Santos, Vanuatu, South Pacific Ocean. Here we experienced tranquil days snorkeling over coral reefs in clear turquoise waters and warm, sunshine filled days strolling barefoot along fine white sands under swaying palms. The locals, Ni Van people, live in thatched grass houses. The women wear bright coloured block printed sarongs and large hibiscus flowers in their hair. Tropical rain storms create drenching moist afternoons. A trip to the daily markets is a feast of colour, excitement, bustle and noise. Produce on display on woven mats are elongated papaya, mangos and bananas. I marvel at the Ni Van children sitting on mats weaving "still green" pandana leaf baskets to bundle up red sweet potatoes. I am enveloped with inspiration from this fresh lively island scene.

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Shipping June 2023

by Denise Burkitt