Temple Garden

The spring wind blows down the valley from the great mountain scattering the blossoms across the moss-covered stepping stones and the fresh green grass. As summer arrives the snow leopards come down from the hills and shelter from the heat, sleeping under the shade of the scent-laden dangling panicles of wisteria. Exotic birds with brightly coloured plumage fly amongst the huge peony blooms. Butterflies flutter over the scent-laden chrysanthemums and morning glory flowers. As summer turns to autumn and mists start to shroud the valley, the delicately patterned maple leaves turn to multi-coloured hues and drift into the stream as it tumbles down the mountain side over moss and fern-covered boulders. Eventually the leaf-filled stream feeds into the temple pond where the brightly coloured fish play among the water lilies and floating leaves. I hope that this same magic and beauty will inspire all of your quilting and craft projects and help to make each of you as happy as the snow leopards are as winter turns to spring, then summer, then autumn and the great dance of life and renewal continues onwards.

Ships in June 2023

by Snow Leopard Designs

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