Lorraine Turner

Lorraine burst into the world of textile art in 2018 with a 26-piece special exhibit at IQF in Houston, just two years after creating her very first art quilt in 2016! In that time, she has become an Aurifil Designer, Aurifilisopher, been featured in several quilting magazines and the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims, and teaches and lectures internationally.

She brings a lifetime of creative experience to her textile art. A commercial artist for forty years, Lorraine is the winner of two Emmy Awards as a lead designer for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and recipient of multiple awards at the San Diego International Comic-Con in her role as Art Director of the Library of American Comics. She is also an author and motivational speaker who strongly believes in moving thought into action.

Lorraine has established a unique place for herself in the world of textile art. She combines her varied experience as a watercolorist, commercial artist, and television animator with her love for all things fabric to create multi-textured, one-of-a-kind textile art. She has yet to meet a fabric embellishment she doesn’t like!

The overriding passion behind her textile art comes from her activity as a professional animal communicator. She illustrates the conversations of all of the creatures she meets and uses her fabric art to raise awareness and funds for endangered animals. Look for hidden elements of plants and animals within Lorraine’s work, as she symbolizes the dynamic relationship between all species sharing the natural resources of our planet.

The clean lines, exaggerated color and bold brushwork depicted in comics has also influenced her art—and you could say that endangered animals are her superheroes.

Lorraine works from her studio in Clearwater, Florida.

Lorraine Turner

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Nature's Offspring, Calico Horses, Migration