Sew Kind of Wonderful

Quilters – designers – CREATIVES! This is who Jenny and Helen are at their cores! They are sisters that have explored many creative avenues together. They love the process of being creative!

Through all their creative explorations they have repeatedly come back to quilt making over the past 20 years! They are the creative forces behind the modern ~ contemporary ~ traditional curvy quilt pattern designs at Sew Kind of Wonderful! They love to play with color combinations that make quilts come alive. All those years of making hundreds of quilts and playing with fabric textures and colors has inspired them to create fabric they want to use in quilts.

They are inspired by nature, geometric designs, tonal color play and foundational design elements and have incorporated these into their fabric. Jenny and Helen also acknowledge they love the full spectrum of color but have realized they love to create with colors in the secondary and tertiary color zones. They love to use deep rich dark colors to anchor design elements and soft soothing colors.

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Sew Kind of Wonderful

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Field Cloth Cotton Lawn, Field Cloth, Cottage Cloth, Mod Cloth, Boho Cloth