Brenda Walton

Growing up in a family of artists and musicians in Northern California, Brenda Walton developed a passion for creative expression at an early age. She learned to paint, sew, and embroider from her New Zealand-born mother, and soon became enchanted by the transformative process of making things by hand.

After earning a master’s degree in studio art, Brenda lived in New Zealand, traveling while sketching the native flora and fauna and practicing the art of calligraphy. When she returned to California, she taught art classes, and continued to further explore and refine her distinctive romantic style, combining original watercolors and vintage ephemera.

Brenda’s lyrical artwork has been translated into popular greeting card collections, craft products, home décor and textiles. Brenda finds creativity everywhere she goes, but she draws particular inspiration exploring European gardens, museums and antique markets.

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Brenda Walton

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