I have four intentional words that have been very meaningful to me: Love, Joy, Grace, and Inspire. Love with all of who I am, let myself be vulnerable to love and all the goodness that comes with it. To find Joy in everyday, so simple and straightforward, yet there are days this can be hard. Grace for myself and others, true empathy and compassion for everyone’s journey. To Inspire, my greatest quest, and to be inspired with an open heart and mind. This collection is a celebration of 25 years of designing, and who I am as an artist now. I have discovered, through my intentions and journeys that my creativity has guided me in: Finding me Finding love in life Finding grace in chaos Finding joy in little things Finding inspiration in everyday My desire is to create beautiful work that has a deeper meaning if you pay attention. The olive branch symbolizes peace ... For me, peace with who I am and where I am at everyday .... Good days and bad. The swallow represents coming home .... Coming home is coming home to love yourself, warts and all. Jasmine symbolizes purity, beauty and new beginnings ... for me, the purity of thoughts, love for oneself and the beauty of life. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, and freedom. To trust oneself, honor your journey, to find strength in the darkest days, the wisdom to differentiate the anxiety from what is real, the power to own who I am and the freedom that comes with this work.

Ships in May 2025

by Valori Wells

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