The “Mythical” collection is a fantastical glimpse into a fierce group of goddesses from ancient Greek folklore. They ruled over much of the ancient world and had the ability to transform into animal form. “Fabled Forest” is their domain, and it exists somewhere on the horizon where the moon and the meadows collide in a stylized realm, mystical animals roam and the trees are made of stars. In the pattern “Powerhouse,” shimmering sunbursts and moon rays explode with zigzags and shockwaves to demonstrate the fierce power and protection of Athena and Artemis. If you look carefully along the riverbanks, the goddess “Iris” can be found among the exotic flowers that bear her name. Animals are scattered within the collection. Among the clouds and stars, in a peach-colored sky, a “Nightingale” sings and deer scatter across a “Wild Meadow” of fluttering grass. In “Owl See You,” an owl quietly sees all and blends beautifully with the other patterns. Multi-colored squares and half-moons evoke a multi-dimensional universe in “Dawn.” Punched-out moon phases feel like confetti in “It’s A Phase.” Linear lines lend movement in “Fiddlehead,” and blooms and bullseyes give off good vibes in “Bloom.”


by Stacy Peterson

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