Heather Noonan - Strawberry Quiltcake

I am inspired by childhood memories, books and dreams, nursery rhymes, and handmade things. Memories like that strawberry-scented doll, or that “story that never ended”, or the time my mom bought me my first sewing machine, and I was off to figure out where the thread went. I was the kid that had to use all 72 crayons in the box, every time, and I think to this day that remains the goal with every sewing project I create. Sewing is a legacy, a piece left behind for future generations. It is creating something tangible that can bring peace, strength, and warmth. For me, that means I can’t possibly stash enough fabric or make enough handmade things.

Connect with Heather:

Instagram: @strawberryquiltcake
Website: strawberryquiltcake.com