Mia Charro

I grew up in a small house surrounded by nature in the North of Spain. I have 6 siblings and it was common for us to run through the fields and climb trees. We also had a lot of cats and a dog. I loved them so much. I´m very grateful for this "wild” and natural childhood. I also loved to draw, paint and to write my own stories. I think I can say that my imagination was very vivid.

I studied in advertising at Leioa University in Vizcaya, Spain, and after that I started to work on an e-learning company, creating courses and illustrations. There I re-discovered my passion for illustrating.

In 2015, with the global crisis, the company I was working for was nearly closed so I decided to go freelance. And, that´s the best decision I have made in my live! As Winston Churchill said "You never can tell whether bad luck may not after all turn out to be good luck.”

My principal source of inspiration is nature: animals, plants, the stars… Do you remember the last time you spent ten minutes watching the starry night? It was spectacular, wasn’t it? Looking at the sky above our heads charges our batteries more than anything else! It´s really inspiring for me.

I also try to communicate something that can help, that can be useful and empowering. I prefer to share joy and positivity.

Mia Charro

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