Sarah Campbell

An internationally acclaimed textile designer, Sarah Campbell was the co-founder of the renowned design partnership Collier Campbell with her sister Susan Collier. They worked together for more than fifty years making design for apparel, home furnishings, bedlinens, wallpapers in the UK, Europe and the US, for customers from Liberty of London to West Point.... Since Susan's early death in 2011, Sarah has worked independently, and has successfully established a new chapter in her creative story.

Verve, love of pattern and colour, and inventive freshness are the hallmarks of all Sarah Campbell’s work: the mark of her hand, the skilled brush, and her joy in painting sing out. Whatever the project she uniquely combines her expertise and experience with originality and joy, both serious and playful.

Alongside her continuing commercial collaborative design practice with 'high street' customers, Sarah undertakes private commissions – curtains, blinds, panels and upholstery have been especially painted, along with clothing, clockfaces and customised walking sticks!

Sarah is a speaker and tutor in design, runs workshops and is involved in education at several levels, from mentoring textile graduates to volunteering in her local comprehensive school. She writes a diverting blog and is currently working on a new book about painting on fabric.

Sarah Campbell

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