*Language of Flowers

To make sure that our quilts are not only pretty but also carry messages of love and affection, I’ve created fabrics that can be used to carry these sentiments. I was interested in the language of flowers, which was once used by lovers to communicate their thoughts and emotions... The Victorian era was full of these delicate pictures and floral cards. The world of William Morris and Beatrix Potter were also ideal sources of inspiration for expressing the symbolism of the era: highly decorative compositions, animals serving as messengers, graceful hands expressing friendship, hope and benevolence. Isn’t this a wonderful way of communicating — through bouquets? So why not incorporate it into our quilts? You too can compose messages for those you love: for new babies, for visitors coming into your home, for friends going far away, and for cherished grandmothers... It will make your work all the more precious.

Ships in November 2024

by Odile Bailloeul

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