*L'Heure Bleue

Beautiful blues! From intense deep indigo to the lightest tints of ice blue to vast cerulean skies and from the warm azure water lapping the Mediterranean coastline to moody grey-blue, stormy oceans, there is a hue of blue for every mood. I adore this omnipresent colour that envelopes our world day and night. Dusk is my favourite time of day — the twilight zone when the sky’s colours shift after the sun’s setting, and before night closes in. Time is suspended for a little while as colours deepen from a pale tint to petrol blue, before turning into an expanse of deep blue velvet sprinkled with stars. In French, it is known as “L’heure bleue.” This resonates with me so I chose it as the name of my 2024 FreeSpirit fabric collection inspired by the colour blue.

Ships in January 2025

by Estè MacLeod

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