Golden Touch

My third collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics, Golden Touch, is inspired by an up-close look at nature. I tried to capture in my designs the meditative repetition and diverse variation that is found in the natural world. My hope is that Golden Touch makes you feel like you are looking under a microscope and discovering patterns of spirals, spheres, waves, and meanders. The colors in the Golden Touch collection are evocative of metal elements and organic materials. This collection is unique because I combined three different artistic techniques and mediums to create it. The fourteen designs are made from my original monotypes, hand-painted watercolors, and monotype collages. Monotypes are a one-of-a-kind printmaking practice. Monotypes are created by painting directly onto a plate and running the plate through a printing press. In my monotypes, I utilize the unique and unexpected textures of both natural and man-made objects such as vegetable wrappers, bubble wraps, leaves, or dried flowers in my work. I enjoy this printmaking process because it involves a sense of spontaneity and it always includes an element of surprise. The monotype collages were created by cutting up and combining various different monotypes. I can’t wait to see how you use Golden Touch in your next project and I encourage you to take a peek through the looking glass to see what you discover.

Ships in September 2024

by Sarah Sczepanski Artxtiles

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