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Sarah Sczepanski is an artist and designer based in New York City. Her primary medium is printmaking and she specializes in monotypes. With her background and education in art and fashion design she has continued her printmaking education for over ten years, taking advantage of the great art schools of NYC, such as The National Academy and New York School of the Arts. Sarah is drawn to the monotype printing process because it always includes an element of surprise. Sarah incorporates natural and found elements into her work and her keen sense of color and design to create one-of-a kind, modern and organic prints. She pulls inspiration from the Yin and Yang energy of the bustling city and her childhood growing up near the ocean in Massachusetts.

Her artwork has been licensed in collaboration with companies in the home design industry for pillows, rugs, home textiles, wallpaper and gift packaging. Her company Artxtiles, is a home décor destination where you can find her artwork made into a variety of products for your home. She resides in Manhattan with her husband and works in the fashion industry. Her designs are meant to be mixed and matched and complement a wide variety of styles. Sarah believes in making art functional and a beloved part of your living space.

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Sarah Sczepanski Artxtiles

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Golden Touch, Rust & Bloom, Sublime Summer