*La Dolce Vita

Travel to Italy along the beautiful Amalfi Coast this summer with Stacy Peterson’s new collection “La Dolce Vita!” to experience “The Sweet Life!” Big, bold sunflowers in yummy yellows and oranges are tightly placed together into a non-directional print making a super-sized, sunny statement to start off this tour! Wind along the coastal highway, you will see colorful homes built high up on the cliffs overlooking the blue Mediterranean waters. Imagine the views. Dotting the shoreline down below is a delightful array of striped beach umbrellas keeping the tourists cool. At the top of Capri, you’ll find an old villa surrounded with palms and Italian cypress displaying statues from Rome’s past. Along the way up, there are little groves of fresh citrus - especially lemons. An oversized stripe mixed with a strand of lemons reminds us of the elegant restaurants with striped shades and fresh food. Stop by the shopping district and you’ll notice boutiques overflowing with hand-painted ceramics and tiles from local artisans on the texture of the cobblestone streets. The tour has come to an end. Before you leave, drop a postcard in the mail to say “Wish you were here!” and don’t forget the stamp! Ciao!

Ships in February 2025

by Stacy Peterson

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