Elizabeth K Ray

Hello, I'm Elizabeth K Ray, a modern quilter and designer. My passion for creativity, math, and quilting shines through in my geometric-inspired designs, often featuring solid colors, stripes, and straight-line or grid quilting. My quilts have been recognized at events such as the International Quilt Festival, QuiltCon, Road2CA, AQS, and Mancuso shows. Additionally, my work has been exhibited at the National Quilt Museum and U.S. Art in Embassies My quilt "Vote," which I designed and made, is now a proud part of the International Quilt Museum's permanent collection. Besides the creative outlet, my favorite aspect of quilting is the sense of community. I actively engage in many quilt social groups, both in person and virtually. I reside in Bentonville, Arkansas, with my husband, two daughters, and two cats.

Connect with Elizabeth:

Instagram: @elizabethkray
Website: elizabethkray.com