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  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf is a fresh start! Celebrate the season of growth with this quintessential collection from Jane Sassaman. These designs supply dramatic contrasts as they ramble through dappled canopy and mysterious shadow. Electric periwinkle blues, beaming yellows and gorgeous greens carry you through a range of clean and contemporary patterns. The motifs are crisp and refined making endless possibilities for mixing and matching. Here playful leaves mix with cheeky dots and plaids to celebrate the season of blooming optimism. These fabrics are as functional as they are beautiful.

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    by Jane Sassaman

  • Butterfly Garden

    Artistry combined with love and respect for the natural world, WinterPrint finds design inspiration from nature and commonplace objects. Behind every design exists a story... the Butterfly Garden collections uses textural and muralist designs to take the viewer on an excursion with nature through an altered photographic lens, evoking a sense of connection to the natural world.

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    by WinterPrint

  • Classics Plus Pre-Cuts

    by Kaffe Fassett Collective

  • Cool Breeze

    I wanted to create a line that had a full value range; lights to add illumination and darks to add depth, some yummy middle value pieces, some bold, cool, colorful combinations and some striking blank and whites. I love to combine strong color with black and whites. In my work, I use a full value range of each color and I am always missing very lights, so there are three in this line. It is also hard to find dark darks so there are three here as well. A quilt made from these will remind you of a cool spring day where the sun is shining on the landscape. Enjoy!

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    by Katie Pasquini Masopust

  • Cracked Shadow

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    by Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements

  • Embark

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    by Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements

  • Flowerfields

    Walks in the fields. Meandering in the flowerbeds. Daisies in the hedgerows. Sunday table celebrations after a morning at the family kitchen garden. I usually return home from the allotment with bunches of flowers alongside the pickings of beans and tomatoes - we love to let the flowers bloom where they seed to give color and merriment among the vegetables. Into a favorite jug they go, and often a painting or drawing will ensue, trying to capture their informal beauty - "Sunday Table". This new Sarah Campbell collection, "Flowerfields", grew from some of those paintings. Arranging my non-arranged flowers in to fabric repeats has been such a treat: from the tiny pots in "Ranunculus" to the overflowing baskets of "Celebration" I've been able to play with some favorite themes. Weaving amongst the flowers are abstract patterns reflecting ploughed fields and raked beds, pathways, meadows and hedgerows: "Fire Light" and an "Evening Walk". There are so many ways to put these patterns together - juxtapose, harmonize, contrast, complement - by content, color, size scale, type. There's scope for the natural companions - "Celebration", "Pool", "Floret" - and surprise parings - "Evening Walk" and "Sunday Table" - and unexpected balances: "Cubist", "Echoes". As on any ramble through the field there are many views and vistas to delight and astonish: colors and compositions to comfort and confirm the change rhythms of nature.

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    by Sarah Campbell

  • Fluent

    The visual language of color and design can often express ore than is possible with words and you could say that my goal as an artist is to become fluent in these languages. As a first generation Greek American who has never quite reached fluency in Greek, I recently embarked on reconnecting with the language through audio lessons. Coincidentally, I was creating the beginning of this collection as I was listening to both familiar and new words. This idea of language and fluency was a lovely pursuit in making this art. The "Raiment" floral print was my first drawing and is based on a beautiful flower that I bought from a local nursery. Before I knew its name, I thought the blooms looked like tiered and ruffled skirts. I later learned it is indigenous to Sri Lanka and its name means "clothing". It was a moment of the flower speaking to me first, and I was so pleased. Other prints echo visual stories and traditional crafts from other parts of the world like Grecian Urns, hand drawn paisleys, structural lace, and imaginative florals. The scale and color variation is ripe for exciting quilts and striking garments or home decor!

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    by Anna Maria

  • Go Fish

    Here's a collection with a nod to fishing - spinning or fly fishing and all that goes with standing in a stream, casting from a boar and enjoying time spent in nature waiting for that magical tug on the line. I enjoy it! Fish-eye dots, rods as a stripe, tossed fish, tangled liens and flies are texture patterns in the group. Hope you enjoy the rich colors of this collection.

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    by Martha Negley

  • Kaffe: 85 & Fabulous

    A special release celebrating Kaffe Fassett and his fabulous 85th birthday!

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    by Kaffe Fassett

  • Magic Friends

    Abracadabra! My Magic Friends collection has arrived amidst purple smoke and fairy dust! Are you ready to live in the magic? Stop for a moment and look around you, listen to the silence, contemplate the starry night, dream of unicorns...Every moment has the potential to be a magical and unique moment, just look beyond. This collection is based on the magic and inner glow that radiates from all creatures of nature. Light and color vibrates in rainbows, sunset clouds, twinkling stars, fresh flowers in the field. Join me on a journey full of colorful butterflies, magical unicorns and wise owls... Create with the color of Magic Friends!

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    by Mia Charro

  • Mon Jardin

    Mon Jardin is a collection inspired by vintage needlepoints and wallpapers. When I see the collection, I see my Grandmother wearing an eastern European scarf on her head and her apron which she work all day long as she cooked and went to garden.

    Retailers: Mon Jardin is no longer available for order.

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    by Nathalie Lete for Conservatory Craft

  • Moon Garden

    Moon Garden is a fabric collection that pays tribute to those of us who bloom at night. When the sun goes down most people move inside and start winding down from the day. Outside, under the glow of moonlight, a whole other world is just waking up. Moon Garden features all kinds of garden regulars that are drawn to the fragrance and nourishment that the soil provides. There are owls and birds of course, bees, dragonflies and an elegant yet often misunderstood little garden snake. With the introduction of my True Colors and Solids collections, I am able to focus on creating more focal prints with bigger designs in more colors. While I have included a few coordinates that are specific to Moon Garden, the bulk of the collection is made up of hero prints. There are the prints that pull the entire collection together and do the bulk of the visual work in a sewing project. After the introduction of Tiny easts, my previous collection based on small prints and coordinates, the next logical step was to go big! These prints are big, bold and full of life. Moon Garden is designed in two color palettes; "From Dusk" and "'Til Dawn". Each palette focuses on a different fleeting moment of the evening processional. "From Dusk" focuses on the slow wind down of the afternoon as the evening sets in the deep magentas and cool purples. The "'Til Dawn" palette introduces the impending day when the darkness is being overtaken by the rising sun featuring deep golds, sharp peaches and saturated teal and mint.

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    by Tula Pink

  • Next Door Garden

    I am forever looking backwards to my childhood in fondness for the little things that brought me joy. Those reflections bring back moments of running through the garden at my grandparents' home and admiring the warm orangey glow of their tile-patterned linoleum. I've kept a space in my heart for vintage floral wallpaper and retro faded cotton sheets. All of these memories are balled up together in this collection, like the various furnishings in their home with motifs from the 40's through the 70's. This eclectic palette of prints and patterns are the kind of fabrics that inspire me to create everyday. And just like that, I can hear: "Now run to the Next Door Garden and pick me a bundle of daisies..." .

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    by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

  • Root

    ROOT: something embedded, fundamental, and very connected to the whole.

    the origin of something, also the foundation.

    where one thing comes from.

    a current starting point and a connector to future becoming.

    what might be found in math, code & trees? in us?

    Like its predecessor GLYPHS, the origins of this project began in language. I wanted to use the language already inherent in the fields of mathematics, computing, ecology, and linguistics to draw my way into some kind of shared space between the worlds & possibly uncover where they trickle into one another. Mapping a world of nature from the same symbols as what a digital world might build from, i.e. zeros & ones, and then turn a corner to find these symbols morphing tin mathematical trees or roots was a journey that brought forth these vibrant, turbulent patterns full ow movement & life.

    If GLYPHS were pre-language, nestled in between black and white before systems were built, then the ROOT collection is rushing forward with shapes and ideas colliding, as color is running wild on the surface.

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    by e bond

  • Scalloped Hills

    This collection of Scalloped Hills was inspired by the rolling wheat fields of the Palouse. The Palouse is a magical place nestled in the bottom southeast corner of Washington State. Think upon gentle hills, covered in tall green, flowing grass which grows into beautiful golden wheat stalks come August. Eventually, these hills roll into a beautiful white frost all winter. The Palouse is an enchanting place, and I wanted to share that with the world, in my own little way.

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    by Cori Dantini

  • Tropical Jungle Jams

    Tropical Jungle Jams by bearded Aussie artist Mulga is a collection bursting with super bright animals, tropical flowers and luscious leaves. Be transported to a world of summers spent in humid tropical jungles bursting with life and funky animals chilling like the chillers they are.

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    by Mulga

  • Tropicalism

    The Tropicalism collection invites you to venture into virgin and unknown territories and dense jungles where the vegetation is prolific and exuberant. Here everything is extreme: the colors, the richness of the textures, the fragrances, the profusion of patterns... Insects, birds, frogs and wild animals come out of their hiding places to meet you, so they merge with the leaves and flowers in full bloom. This collection will give the opportunity to create rich and original patchworks that you will want to discover like intrepid explorers.

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    by Odile Bailloeul