Kristy Sachs - Rock Baby Scissors

I always planned on screen printing but once I started sewing, I discovered that I had a great passion for it. Knowing that I can create something to make someone happy gives me great pleasure. That is especially true when it comes to other makers. Creating bags to hold and organize their crafts fills me with the greatest amount of joy and happiness. I initially began using a mix of gothic and punk rock fabrics, hence the "Rock" in my name, but over the years my tastes have expanded and my signature style became monochromatic blacks and whites with bright pops of patchwork rainbow. I'm a mother of two, and love to cook, run, lift weights, and I burn almost everything I bake.

Connect with Kristy:

Instagram: @rockbabyscissors

Facebook: @rockbabyscissors

TikTok: @rockbabyscissrs